Supported Accommodation Facilities

PALS Inc has been providing accommodation and support to families in the Moira and Greater Shepparton area for over 20 years. PALS Inc can provide a range of accommodation options for clients depending on their specific situation and needs.

We understand that it’s important to have a place to call home, so we work together with the client to find the best possible living situation.


Supported Independent Living

PALS Inc can assist people with a disability to develop a plan to live independently in the community. This allows clients to live as independently as they please, with the option of support to assist them in any areas they require.

Supported Independent LivingSupported Independent Living


Full 24 Hour Support

PALS Inc is able to provide 24/7 supported accommodation for clients. This ensures that clients always have access to the assistance and care that they require.


Shared Supported Accommodation

The objective of shared supported accommodation is to enrich the quality of life for people with a disability living in group homes and other community-based residential services.

Shared Supported AccommodationEnriching people’s quality of life is achieved by providing high-quality housing tailored to meet the households needs.

Skilled support is used to actively promote a person’s:

  • participation in household and community activities
  • relationship building with other people
  • choice in all aspects of decision making that affects them
  • dignity and respect in all aspects of their lives
  • skills that are used and developed to create achievement


Emergency Accommodation

Emergency accommodation and respite is available to people of all ages. At short notice PALS Inc is able to work with you to be able to provide the best accommodation option possible given the circumstances.

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