Outreach Services

OutreachProviding All Living Supports (PALS) Inc has outreach support packages that provide self-directed supports that enhance the skills and opportunities for people with a disability to live in their choice of housing and participate in their community.

Outreach support comprises a flexible combination of services provided in the home or community.

These services provide supports to assist individuals to enhance activities of daily living; access and participate in their chosen community and strengthen personal relationships.


Activities may include the following:

  • Community access
  • Support to link with community recreation, leisure and cultural activities
  • Support and education to build skills in using local facilities and services (banks, shops, public transport, recreational facilities)
  • Support to link with natural supports and generic services used by an individual to enable them to remain in the housing of their choice (for example, home nursing, general health care, dental care)
  • Support to become involved with others in their chosen community, to experience a variety of activities and relationships
  • Travel training
  • Support to build household management skills (cooking, menu planning, laundry, budget planning)
  • Support in mobility and orientation and use of adaptive equipment for individuals with vision impairments
  • Support to build skills in decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Support to develop and access advocacy groups
  • Support to develop skills in managing emotions or personal responses (for example, anger management, behaving within accepted limits, or coping with feelings)
  • Support and education in developing human relationship skills including protective behaviours
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