Supported Accommodation FacilitiesSupported Accommodation Facilities

PALS Inc has been providing accommodation and support to families in the Moira and Greater Shepparton area for over 20 years. PALS Inc can provide a range of accommodation options for clients depending on their specific situation and needs.

We understand that it’s important to have a place to call home, so we work together with the client to find the best possible living situation.

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Individualised-Day-ServicesIndividualised Day Services

PALS Inc runs a large number of activities, both group and individual, tailored by the clients direction and needs in participating in their local community. Individualised day services aim to provide high-quality outcome based support and activities, either group or personalised that meet individual needs and enhance independence, abilities, community participation and quality of life.

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Facilitation-and-PlanningFacilitation and Planning

PALS Inc is able to provide Access & Planning, Personal Care, Skill Development Programs and Individualised Support Packages.

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Outreach ServicesOutreach Services

Providing All Living Supports (PALS) Inc has outreach support packages that provide self-directed supports that enhance the skills and opportunities for people with a disability to live in their choice of housing and participate in their community.

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PALS Inc is able to assist carers in accessing breaks and in accessing funding so that carers or clients can enjoy time out.

Our Respite services aim to support the individual with a disability and their family and carers through the provision of short-term and time-limited breaks on a regular, occasional or emergency basis by providing the individual with positive and meaningful experiences.

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Our Business EnterprisesOur Business Enterprises

The business enterprises have been developed to enable clients to gain employment whilst being in a supported environment. It also allows the clients to work in a community setting, where they can engage with a wide range of people.

Should clients wish to work in one of the business enterprisers, PALS Inc works with them to develop and build the appropriate skills allowing them to successfully work in each individual enterprise.

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