Complaints, Compliments and Bright Ideas

We welcome your Complaints, Compliments and Bright Ideas as they help us to provide you with a better service.

Who can complain?

 At PALS Inc. everyone has the right to make a complaint and to have that complaint listened to and sorted out quickly.

How can I complain?

 There are a number of ways including:

  • In writing to PO Box 735 Yarrawonga 3730
  • In person (either the staff person, their supervisor or at the office)
  • Telephone on 03 5862 2641
  • Email:

What information should I include in my complaint?

 It would be helpful if you let us know what happened and who was involved. Dates, Times and whether their were any witnesses is also helpful in resolving your complaint.

What will happen once a complaint has been made?

PALS Inc. aims to resolve grievances as quickly as possible and without prejudicing anyone’s rights.

What happens to the information collected?

 Your complaint information is used to investigate and hopefully resolve your matter and that may involve sharing the information with other relevant areas in PALS Inc. Statistical information regarding complaints is also used to improve PALS Inc. services, better understand community needs and respond more positively to complaints or suggestions.


Compliments and Bright Ideas

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